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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A student may enroll in Madrone at any time during the school year. Once enrolled, he or she will complete the remainder of the academic school year at Madrone. Our school is a participation-based program, where students earn credit for productive in-class work in which they average 70% or better on their assessments.

  •  Student Self-Assessments:

    In June, students participate in a self-assessment project, which includes their  placement choice for the following year and a personal evaluation of their academic progress. The Madrone High School staff reviews the students’ self-assessments and then evaluates the performance of each student.  To be recommended for re-enrollment in a comprehensive high school program, the staff considers the following:

    • How many credits are needed for graduation?
    • What courses are remaining?
    • Has there been improvement in learning habits?
    • Has the student participated in the extra credit homework program? 
    • Strengths and weaknesses of the student.

    The recommendations are provided to the school administrators and are mailed to the parents of each student.  Madrone’s principal communicates with each comprehensive high school principal regarding the students’ enrollment status and sets an appointment for the change of placement/enrollment of each student.

  • The majority of students at Madrone are behind in credits and are in danger of not graduating with their class. Students must be at least sixteen years old and have attended at least one year at a comprehensive high school.

  • Madrone has open enrollment throughout the school year and is considered to have full enrollment when our student population reaches seventy. 

  • Students enter Madrone through a referral process from our sister schools, San Rafael High School and Terra Linda High School.

  • With a staff recommendation:

    If, by the end of the first quarter grading period, a student experiences difficulty/failure that would prevent the successful completion of the graduation requirements, the student may return to Madrone High School.